Sundust's Lady Legacy (TuTu)

Sundust's Lady Legacy (TuTu) was foaled January 2, 2002 and she was one of the last foals out of the popular stallion named SunDust E., who died soon thereafter. The stallion's beauty, sweet disposition and natural smooth gait were sought after by breeders. He sired 331 offspring during his life, which makes him the 9th most popular stud in the history of the breed. This mare inherited his qualities. She has never before been for sale.

We call her "TuTu" because she is sweet, prim and proper and she has a lot of "sparkle" – kind of like a ballet dancer. She is not a beginner's horse because she is very aware of things around her, and we always get compliments on her beauty and her carriage when we take her out on the trails. She causes people to stop and take notice. She is really gorgeous under saddle or in the pasture. Back at the barn she will be your best friend and she loves to be petted and cared for.

Buster and I have taken on more horses than we can properly take care of – otherwise TuTu would not be for sale. We are trimming down our herd and TuTu has enough going for her that we think she will do well with new owners.

Price: $3,500 - negotiable within reason

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