Blackberry's Gorgeous Girl - "GG"

Blackberry's Gorgeous Girl , "GG" was foaled here April 22, 2011 and she has been a sweetheart since Day One. We imprinted her before she was a day old – getting her used to being rubbed and patted all over, ears pulled, spray bottle resembling fly spray, feet tapped to prepare her for the farrier and everything else we could think of to get her used to having people fool with her. We put a little halter on her and I started teaching her to "give" to pressure and "lead" when she was less than a week old. She is very smart and she loves to learn and be praised. Again, we are pleased with the results of the Southern Sunrise bloodline. GG's dam, Blackberry Sunrise, has Southern Sunrise on her papers, both top and bottom. GG's sire, Faded Genes, also has Southern Sunrise on his dam's side.

Southern Sunrise is the most popular breeding stallion in the history of the MFT breed. His offspring are popular because of their gentle disposition, trainability, nice looks and natural foxtrot. It's all in the breeding! When you look at GG's papers you readily see Southern Sunrise top and bottom. We reinforce those traits with gentle and loving training and discipline. GG can be ready for training as early as this fall. She is a big strong filly and she loves to learn. I predict that with her smooth gait and sweet disposition she will be a good partner to her owner. FoxTrotters are notoriously smooth riding, but they are also surefooted (since the breed originated in the Ozark mountains.) Our FoxTrotters have taken good care of us on some breathtaking rocky and perilous trails, and I expect GG will take good care of her lucky owner, too.

The two pictures attached were taken April 22, 2011 and April 17, 2012.

Price: $1,500 Today!

(Price will increase when GG is started under saddle.)

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